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Artists Residency “At the Fruit Stand” (2016) - part of Confrontation through Art project



International Residency Artist
Nicosia 25/2 – 5/3/2016

…where the sky and the earth touch
[partial view] …

A sixteenth-century view of the universe.
The centerpiece of the City of the Sun was a temple of the stars, which was the home of the priests or astrologers whose chief was also the supreme ruler of the city. 'It is their duty to observe the stars and their movements and to know all about their effects on human affairs and their powers'.
I. Tod and M.Wheeler, Utopia, Orbis Publishing, 1978.

Curation: Viviana Checchia (Glasgow, UK)
Participating artists: Abdullah Denizhan (Cyprus), Leontios Toumpouris (Cyprus), Beatrice Catanzaro (Italy), Sarah Beddington (U.K.) and Vivien Sansour (Palestine).

Exhibition: 5th – 18th March 2016
Venue: EMAA Capital Art Center, Nicosia

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