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Text development workshop - 2004


The objective of the project, which falls under the umbrella of "theatre as a social tool", is to attempt through the communality of a theatre process to bring to the surface and help alleviate social problems. This process impacts mostly the participants, but the spectators of the performance are also beneficiaries of the process. The main impact of this type of workshop is the intensely personal (and at the same time universal) characters and situations of the play that emerge from the collaborative work done during the workshop. The common theme dealt with in the workshop and the play is explored from a private and a collective viewpoint, in such a way that the play itself presents this binary in a manner that promotes dialogue and not monologue.



The structure of the workshop is the following: it has a duration of 4 months, the first two being the workshop part of the process, during which the group will work together under the guidance of the Creative Directors in order to write a text around the common theme of "The House". The type of text, characters, when/where of the story will be decided upon by the team, the performers and other participants. The text will undergo repetitive rewritings, after each workshop.

The second part (two months) of the process is a more conventional rehearsal process, in order to produce the play.


Where and When

The workshop starts on April 2nd, 2004 and will continue till the end of July of the same year.

Rehearsals will be conducted at the William Fulbright Center (next to the Goethe Institute at the Ledra Palace area), unless otherwise notified.



Financial Support kindly provided by:

The American Embassy

Youth Board of Cyprus



The British Council 

Netway Ltd.

The William Fulbright Center

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