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In-Decent Edep-Siz




We are embarking on a project scheduled for March and April, entitled “In-Decent / Edep-Siz” and it is a series of performance pieces around an arts exhibition.

About the Arts Exhibition: the arts exhibition entitled “In-Decent / Edep-Siz” is based on an open call. The project will be presented at the space over the Araf Cafe (across from Ayia Sofia cathedral/Selimiye mosque, Lefkosia) on April 21st. The selection of the art pieces will be carried out by a committee, in which Rooftop Theatre members are participating. The artists participating cover the whole of Cyprus and internationally.

About the Performance pieces: A series of workshops is being put together by Rooftop Theatre (lead by Ellada Evangelou, Oya Akin, Marilena Kyriakou and Poly Flourentzou) and it aims to create performance pieces based on the artworks in the exhibition and the space itself. As with all Rooftop Theatre work, the participation is open to all (theatre professionals, amateurs, individuals with no prior theatre experience), free of charge & no payment and required FULL time commitment on behalf of the participants of the times of the workshops/performance. The work during the workshops will be rigorous and may require homework and individual work.

The Idea: connecting the process of performance, in order to create a (new) seamless artwork. The idea of indecency works in the literal sense (exploration of the social notion of indecency) but also on a metaphorical level, aiming to doubt some set notions of the creation of exhibitions and/or performance arts. The team of performers will be 8-10 people.

Important Dates: Opening is April 21st. Two workshops on March 28th (6pm - 11pm) and April 4th (6pm - 11pm), weekend workshop April 16-17 (9am - 6pm).

Spaces: Monday workshops will be held in the Rooftop Youth Space (Old Nicosia, Phaneromeni area), weekend workshops and performance will be held at Araf.

If you are interested in participating, please send us an email by Thursday, March 24th.

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