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Participation in VADIMO youth exchange


 Participation in VADIMO youth exchange

July 2016

28 youngsters of eighteen to twenty-five years old and 7 group leaders from Programme
countries (Cyprus, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Spain).

Participants from CY: Team leader: Javier Esteban. Youngsters: Aydin Berkin, Serife Ebeler, Cengiz Bereket, Pantelis Petrou

Description of the project:

The aim of VADIMO youth exchange is to provide a lived experience of diversity to youngsters from around Europe by a) living together in a fully inclusive intercultural environment and b) engaging in universally designed physical activities.
This project will educate in diversity with a view to preventing and addressing social problems such as racism, homophobia and/or social exclusion of people with fewer opportunities such as people with functional diversity or neurodiversity.

The main objectives of this project are to:

  • Recognise diversity through recreational physical activity and in everyday life activities
  • Share realities and understand another country's cultures
  • Gain interpersonal skills and competences
  • Exchange experiences and knowledge about inclusive physical activities
  • Raise awareness about interdependence of people
  • Promote active lifestyles regardless level of ability


  • Icebreakers
  • Inclusive games Lab
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Body expression & theatre
  • Personal development (ioga, meditation)
  • Erasmus Plus programme / Youth pass
  • Cultural activities in Barcelona
  • Evaluation


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