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Text development workshop - 2006


We come back to our third workshop with fresh ideas and zeal to produce original works. The objective of this year’s project, which also falls under the umbrella of “theatre as a social tool”, is to explore the social habits of Cypriots through their relationship with Food. The new aspect that we plan to include in this year’s workshop is to conduct interviews with people of various ages, social positions and relations with food. The process will impact mostly the participants, but the spectators of the performance are also beneficiaries of the process, and undertake the new role of spectactor, who is according to Brecht and Boal a new type of spectator with an active role in the creative process and performance.



The structure of the workshop is the following: it has a duration of 4 months, the first two being the workshop part of the process, during which the group will work together under the guidance of the Creative Directors to produce a text. The interviews are also conducted in this first part of the workshop. All members will find an individual whose relationship with Food they find interesting, interview them and consequently these interviews will be used in the text, either as theatre or film. The process will be complemented by the addition of image (film) and music, working in a dialectic with the text, action on stage and the screen. The second part of the process is a more conventional rehearsal process, in order to produce the play.


Where and When

Rehearsals will be held in Nicosia once a week for the first 2 months and 3 times (or more) a week for the second 2 months. The workshop will start at the end of March 2006 and the performance will be presented in mid October 2006.


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