The Hand Diaries: An Exhibition (2012)

ARTos Foundation – November 10th, 2012

Anna Lindh Foundation Heads of Network Meeting in Cyprus

Rooftop Theatre Group has been an active theatrical ensemble since 2004. It has conducted workshops, produced performances and engaged in activist work in Cyprus and abroad. The Group aspires to engaging theatre in the context of Art for Social Change, through a creative dialogue with the issues troubling its members and friends at any given time.

In The Hand Diaries: An Exhibition, the issues of investigation were the war crimes in Cyprus in the 1963-1974 period. With the use of testimonies, a writing group worked diligently for three months on the play, "The Hand Diaries". In September 2012, it was decided that the play would be presented as "An Exhibition", at the ARTos Foundation, on the occasion of the Heads of Networks meetings of the ALF.

We are happy we have this opportunity to share our stories and artistic adventures with you.

The play was compiled in the Spring of 2012 by the Writing Team: Oya Akin, Zoe Piponidou, Leslie Frost, Pavlos Pamborides, Andreas Damianou, Christopher Liverdos, Petros Siammas, Leda Koumides, Charis Charalambous, Despina Michaelides, Annie Michaelides, Costas Hadjichristofi, Yiorgos Kakouris, Antonia Philippou.

Dramaturge: Ellada Evangelou


Performers: Christopher Liverdos, Leda Koumides, Charis Charalambous, Despina Michaelides, Yiorgos Kakouris, Despina Giannadaki, Ana Lopez, Yoryis Regginos, Sylvaine Gautier-Kizilyürek, Katherine Kotsireas

Recording: Andrea Petranyi, Oya Akin, Christopher Liverdos, Yoryis Regginos, Yiorgos Kakouris, Sylvaine Gautier-Kizilyürek and Ensemble.

Directors: Ellada Evangelou – Elena Pavlidou

Movement Director: Elena Pavlidou

Filming – Editing: Christos Evangelou

Technical Directors: Zoe Kakota, Michalis Olymbios

Production Assistants: Constantinos Hadjichristofi, Zoe Piponidou.

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