Stories of Loss (2011)

Rooftop Theatre presents "Stories of Loss". This new production focuses on the sense of loss through various levels of expression- personal, social and existential. Loss of a loved one, a favorite object, memory, emotion, time, a relationship or the senses are approached through stories of loss, with the process of dealing and accepting also highlighted.

The play has been the result of a series of interactive workshops involving young people who live in Cyprus. The workshops were organized by Rooftop Theatre and run between April and July 2011. During the process the sense and breadth of the concept of loss were also approached with the help of interviews and research in relation to the stories of the missing in Cyprus: individuals who had gone missing in Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot families. Moreover, we have used Theatre of the Oppressed methods. The process was completed with the compilation of the performance text by a dramaturgy group, and decisions were made on the final aesthetic approach to the production. Finally we have built an interactive video performance, utilizing film, graphics, recordings, music, acting and games to put the production together. The play leaves the confines of the stage and stretches out into the audience, for an experience they can partake in.

Stories of Loss is being presented in the context of the celebrations for the Inauguration of the Home for Cooperation, of the Association of Historical Dialogue and Research, the performance taking place on the ROOF of the H4C on Saturday, May 7th, 2011 at 20.30. The H4C is situated across from the Ledra Palas Hotel in the Buffer Zone, 1102 Nicosia.

The production is prepared in collaboration with the Cyprus Community Media Center and the language is English.


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