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Sited performance workshop, Arabahmet, Nicosia - in collaboration with ‘Seeds of Peace’ program fellows and Theatre Etc.



In collaboration with Seeds of Peace and Theatre Etc.

Exploring Art and Space: Creative Artists and Educators from the Middle East, South Asia and the United States collaborate with local theatre artists and practitioners of TheatrEtc. and Rooftop Theatre Group

Participants and staff members of the first Seeds of Peace New Visions for Peace Fellowship, Cypriot theatre artists and practitioners of TheatrEtc. and Rooftop Theatre Group, compiled and carried out a workshop and performance on Wednesday, July 1, in Nicosia at 19:00. Meeting area with audience members was the Home for Cooperation, Ledra Palas. The performance was a promenade through Arabahmet neighborhood in Nicosia, with the presentation of 7 scenes compiled over the workshop.
The presentation was a product of the work carried out over a two-day workshop of the Fellows with local artists from Rooftop Theatre and TheatrEtc, through new international methods for exploring, researching and incorporating aspects of landscape and community. The Fellows were Palestinian, Israeli, Indian, Pakistani and American educators and artists who lead initiatives with the exceptional potential to contribute to the transformation of conflict in their societies and to a more just, more humane future.

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