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Workshop “Stories of Loss 1” (2010)

Rooftop Theatre Starts Regular Theatre Workshops on Friday, 9 April 2010

Theme: Stories of Loss

The Rooftop Theatre Group reemerges on the Cyprus theatre scene for its fifth consecutive workshop process and collaborative creative process. The first meeting/workshop will take place on 9 April 2010, and subsequently they will take place on a weekly basis until the end of May. After May, the collaborative process of the workshops will be used as the basis for a production of the play in the summer of 2010.

Please note that we are open to all artists, professional and non, theatre-enthusiasts, non-performance artists, non-artists, people with an open heart and a curious mind of all ages.


This year the theme of both the workshop series and the eventual performance will be Stories of Loss, as experienced by Cypriots in the past half century. The workshops will explore issues of language and how language deals with loss.

For the next two months, through workshops, theatre games, improvisations, conversations and other methods, we will aspire to co-create a text that will represent the group and our ever-changing society. Two months after that an intensive rehearsal process will take place for those interested in performing.


In a society that continues to change and is in the process of re-discovering and re-defining its identity, the Rooftop Theatre Group remains faithful to its principle of the creation of experimental theatre, which promotes dialogue both on and off stage.

Previously, the Rooftop Theatre Group has presented five performances that have left their mark on the contemporary Cypriot theatre scene. Our 2009 production, HEART was presented in Nicosia (in regular performances and Festivals) as well as at the Athens Fringe Festival 2009. Previously, Rooftop produced Performing the Experience, a memorable theatre experience with regular performances and at schools. Our third production – MASA: Rooftop’s Official Recipe Guide to Special Occasions – travelled to the International Festival on Multiculturalism at the University of Madrid in May 2007, and was well-received by the theatre and academic community as was our previous two escapades: HIStory, HERstory, HOUSEstory, OURstory in 2004 and Walls Within in 2005. Our themes so far have been The HOUSE (2004), GENDER (2005), FOOD (2006) and THE HEART (2008).

First Meeting

Friday, 9 April 2010 between 19:30 - 22:30, CCMC, Ledra Palace Hotel yard, Nicosia

Regular Meetings

Dates: Every Friday in April and May, except for 22 April 2010 (Thursday).

Times: 19:30 - 22:30
Location: CCMC, Ledra Palace Hotel yard, Nicosia
Workshops are open to the public.
Language: English

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