​Edepsiz / In-Decent 1 (2016)

March – April 2016
Performance: April 21st, 2016
Venue: Araf Space, Nicosia/Lefkosa
In Collaboration with ArtRooms Gallery
Project coordinators: Oya Akin and Oya Silbery

Performers: Lyda Karayianni, Vasiliki Andreou, Oya Akin, Leda Koumidi, Abdullah Denizhan.
Photography: Oya Silbery, Seçkin Tercan, Çiğdem Emir
Video Artwork: Christos Krasides, Abdullah Denizhan, Oya Silbery, Enver x
Literature: Gür Genç (ve fanzindeki diger isimler!)

Workshops: Ellada Evangelou, Polly Flourentzou
Dramaturge/Director: Ellada Evangelou

(Director's Note follows)

The process of creation of the promenade theatre performance of Edepsiz 1 / Indecent 1 was based on two basic departure points: the bodies of the performers and the materiality of the artwork.

The series of workshops started with an initial exploration of the limits (intellectual for the most part) of the performers. The idea of indecency was explored through discussion and preliminary exercises, which allowed for a familiarity between and within the performers. What is the essence of touching? What is proper and what is promiscuous for each one? What are your limits, and what are the limits of the people next to you? Are you a ‘good girl’ or not?

With each person’s own personal stereotypes flying around rampant, we started to look at the artworks, to look at their material composition. We brought in material like the ones depicted, and played with plastic wrap/cling film, fabric, cardboard and foam. The performers were then asked to associate language and narrative with the materials, and slowly start to generate narrative, characters and emotional worlds. The exploration of the possibilities of the artwork and the performative language continued, with the correlation with rhythm, repetition, openness and closed-ness. An exploration of how elements, mental and physical ones, behave in various environments, when those are connected with bodies and minds.

The adaptation in the space was a further stretching of the stories as we dressed walls and passageways with the aesthetic identity of the performance. At first the artworks, but then also the materials: the cardboard and the foamboards became prominent in the spaces they captured, they dominated the space with their potential, their color and smell.

Light and shadow were the last to come in before the audience.

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