Erasmus + Training Course

“Burst Your Bubble. Change Through Participatory Theatre”

“Burst Your Bubble. Change through Participatory Theatre” was a training course granted by the European Commission through Erasmus + program and took place in Mazotos, Cyprus in November 2019. This activity gathered 23 youth workers from 9 NGOs 9 countries ( Warm Hands,Albania), ENO (Greece), Ways (Denmark), Sfera 66 (Italy), SferaSerbia (Serbia), Ukraine, Peti Maj (Slovenia)and IKOS (Turkey). This training course was created and implemented by Rooftop Theatre (Cyprus) and it was granted by The European Commission through the program Erasmus +.

The main aim of this training course was:

Raise awareness among 20 youth workers from 9 European countries about the need of participate
as active citizens and activism in human right using theatre for social change techniques as means to build a more just society.

Through a program of workshops and activities we showed them the methods and the strategies to use theatre in their daily work with youngsters. We wanted to make them able to use theatre in their organizations as a powerful tool for human expression and conflict resolution. We wanted to empower and encourage them in the use of theatre for social change in their projects using a suitable approach and methods.

Our last aim is to promote in Europe a generation of youngsters more aware with social issues,
proactive against the intolerance and injustice situations and who promote human values and
coexistence through performing arts using the philosophy of theatre for social change.

This training course has developed a variety of non-formal skills, knowledge and attitudes regarding
theoretical and practical frames for inclusion, involvement in the society and activism in human rights in practical youth work and we want to share the results with you.

Hyperlinks to the videos in youtube

Performance National Theatre

Performance Faneromeni Square

Performance Büyük Han

Performance Saray Square

Performance Eleftheria Square

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