Young Employment Rights

The Training course will gather 30 participants from 6 countries (Serbia, Ukraine, Spain, Armenia, Italy and Cyprus) to work about the topic of employability and employment rights for youngsters. Unemployment, laboral rights of ethnic minorities or groups in risk of social exclusion will be also some of the objets of our disscusions and activities.

1. Raise knowledge and understanding about International Labour Standards on employment; discrimination, while applying to an open position or during the work.
2. Support young people in personal development by acquisition of necessary competences (writing motivation letter, preparing CV, searching and applying for job, etc), which are needed to make smooth gradual transition to labour market, education or training.
3. Raise awareness among young people about variety of opportunities for study, training and employment (support programmes, EVS, Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, etc).
4. Enhance employability and improve career prospects of young people from the minority groups that are in highest risk of unemployment, not in training like romas and refugees. As well, as people coming from problematic families or orphanage.
5. Promote non-formal education and Erasmus+ programme.

This project is granted for the European Union under the framework of Erasmus+ Projects. Key action 1. Mobility of Young People.

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