The partnership-building activity (PBA)

The partnership-building activity (PBA): "Youth sport work increases inclusion and acceptance of diversity in Europe" took place in Novi Sad, Serbia in April 2017.

About the acivity
In Europe there are serious issues with intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity due to wars’ and economic migrations towards the EU. In our work for intercultural acceptance we’ve noticed how quite some values disappear from the mind-set of our beneficiaries when there is “important” sport competition event and when they take sides in opposite fan groups that show strong animosity towards each other. Then we can see certain negative behaviour shown by the same beneficiaries that are usually positive and accepting different individuals around them in regular youth work activities. Until youth work is separated from sport, we will not be able to reach as good results as possible for intercultural acceptance in our communities. We need to practice more the healthy competition and teamwork in sports among our beneficiaries. This project responds to those needs and aims to encourage our youth workers to develop more youth sport work projects that will explore and extract all the possible positive aspects of sports for developing consistent positive intercultural acceptance among our beneficiaries.

The core activity of the project is – 8 days long partnership-building activity (PBA). It was organised in the youth hostel in Novi Sad, Serbia from 4th till 12th April 2017. Project gathered 30 participants from 19 organisations and 15 countries (RS, AL, BA, ME, XK, CY, ES, GR, HR, IT, MK, PT, RO, SI, TR).

The goals of this PBA are to develop capacity of youth workers and partners in Erasmus+ KA2 Western Balkans Youth Window and Sport strands and to establish partnerships for youth sport work projects tackling current issues of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion in Europe and diversity in general.

Specific objectives of the partnership-building activity:
- Exploring quality teamwork and partnership on European level projects
- Sharing realities related youth work programmes existing in our organisations/communities about discrimination, exclusion, marginalisation of different groups in our communities
- Understanding basic concepts, approaches and needs analysis of Intercultural acceptance of diversity and Fundamental / Human Rights in Europe
- Understanding and sharing the situations and challenges to face when organising youth sport work projects about diversity and youth in Europe
- Introducing in details Erasmus+ (KA2 WBYW and Sport) programme - Mobility and Capacity building projects for young people and youthworkers and Collaborative partnerships in sport field
- Visiting local youth organisation dealing with the topics of the PBA
- Introducing in details the procedures and respective application forms of the Erasmus+
- Initiating and developing at least 6 Erasmus+ projects using youth sport work for promoting intercultural acceptance of diversity in our local communities and on European level

We expect from participants to be able to represent their sending organisations and enter into new partnerships and new project proposals during this PBA.

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