International Youth exchange “From Dream to Employment” took place in Bacoli, Italy
from 14.10.2016 until 24.10.2016, it will gather 35 participants from Italy, Serbia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Cyprus, United Kingdom and Azerbaijan.
During 10 days of the project using variety of non-formal education methods, participants will improve their skills and competencies in ordeк to get employment they want, which include becoming more clear what they want to do, how to apply to jobs, how to prepare for an interview, receive professional advice, knowing better own skills, etc.
1. Increase knowledge and awareness of young people on: what are their options on labour market, what are their skills and what is good employment that will put this skills into value, what are the best ways to find and to apply to a job and how to prepare for a job interview.
2. Support young people in developing their skills regarding how to advertise their skills in different types of CV, how to compose a motivational letter, how to adjust their CV to each specific job, how to use verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal communication in an interview and to build their career.
3. Increase young people’s willing to apply to many jobs without losing their confidence in their ability to obtain a great employment, will be more relaxed at interviews, will have a better self esteem, they will realize that they are valuable to the working environment and have a positive attitude towards building a career based on their competences and desires.
4. During and after this project, at least 80% of the participants will apply to min 10 jobs, 40% will be called for a job interview and minimum 20% will obtain an employment. Target group of participants:

The project was funded by Erasmus+ Programme

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